The most recent bouts of violence have resulted in four separate gun battles that killed four gunmen and one police officer. The raging civil war continues despite the constant assurances by Mexican government officials about the improving security conditions along the Tamaulipas border.

The first of the four recent gun battles began on Friday in the border city of Matamoros where Mexican soldiers killed two cartel gunmen, information provided to Breitbart Texas by the Tamaulipas government revealed.

The shootout began when a convoy of Mexican soldiers spotted a pickup with two gunmen near the “November 20th” rural community. The gunmen tried to flee from authorities and started a high speed chase into Matamoros. During that chase two other vehicle ran into the convoy in an effort to help the gunmen in the white pickup. The during a rolling shootout, the Mexican soldiers pursued the various vehicles used by the gunmen. One of the vehicles crashed into a house and two of the gunmen died inside. Authorities identified one of the gunmen as 39-year-old Florencio Gonzalez Garcia from Reynosa. They did not yet identify the other gunman.

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