Kurt Nimmo
January 24, 2012

On the heels of Ron Paul’s South Carolina promise to continue forward with his quest to gain the Republican nomination and the presidency, Fox News has dredged up an yet another newsletter attributed to him in an effort to sabotage the Paul campaign.

“Full of racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic statements, not to mention a variety of quack science and conspiracy theories, the newsletters have once again become an issue as Paul seeks to stay in the Republican presidential primary for the long haul,” Fox Nation reported on Monday in a repost of a BuzzFeed article.

The newsletter in question mentions the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and puts the event in a light that questions the official government generated narrative: “We’re far from knowing everything, or even many things, about the horrific bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building,” Fox Nation quotes.

“Some people even think that the government itself could have been responsible. The government would not use its own agents, these people say. Spy agencies frequently use ‘false-flag’ recruitment. That is, the crazed men recruited into a ‘right-wing’ terrorist cell would not know they were actually working for the BATF, for example.”

The newsletter does not claim that the Oklahoma terror event was an inside job. It merely mentions that some people have questioned the official story, an act that is heretical to the government and its propaganda tools, including Fox News. Anything less than unquestioning acceptance of the government narrative is permissible.

Fox, of course, does not bother to mention the fact the government’s investigation of the attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City that killed 168 people was not only deeply flawed, but obviously a thinly veiled cover-up.

From the questionable physics of the explosions to evidence of cutter charges being used to witnesses to multiple explosions and more, the government’s story does not hold up under scrutiny. Moreover, the government went out of its way during the trial of Timothy McVeigh – a documented government agent – to refuse relevant witnesses to testify. The hit piece does not mention that key witnesses were murdered and grand jury members were threatened.

James Kirchick, writing for BuzzFeed, attempts to discredit Paul by linking him to Alex Jones: “Paul has long cultivated the support of conspiracy theorists, as evidenced by the content of the newsletters and his frequent appearances on the radio program of Alex Jones, perhaps the most listened-to conspiracy theorist in America.”

Kirchick’s conspiracy theory pejorative is to be expected. He is a fellow at the warmongering neocon Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the neocons are currently engaged in an effort to destroy Ron Paul’s campaign in response to his common sense call to bring the troops home and put an end to the wars waged by the neocons.

Millions of Americans are not deterred by the establishment media’s effort to derail Paul’s campaign by exploiting the long ago put to bed newsletter issue. They are interested in constitutional government and a restoration of our lost republic and will not be sidetracked by the efforts of chicken hawk neocons to wreck the Paul campaign at all cost.

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