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April 20, 2009

FOX news trys to win over the massive movement of loosely affiliated groups numbering in the millions. The "Freedom Movement" thanks to the Ron Paul Revolution and the power of syndicate radio and film is gaining momentum. So much so like synchronized swimmers FOX news pundits spanning radio and tv have done a 180, talking about the constitution, gun rights and Ron Paul non-stop. Glen Beck has gone so far as organizing the 9/12 campaign and tea party tax protests, Anne Coulter likes Ron Paul all of sudden. Freaky twilight zone or hardcore psychological op?

Well now here is the kicker, you’re one click away from becoming the "FOX nation". The website is the most blatant attempt yet at how the Right Wing paradigm is trying to reabsorb all of the elements of conservative society who saw through Bush. The very same "fringe" they were just months ago calling  radical, and deserve to be in camps.

The site layout and their "slanted content" is exactly like, how low and parasitic these criminals will stoop to maintain control over the political paradigm is astounding to say the least. Unfortunately to them the true patriots of this country will own the boards on this site and will simply be a nexus point in the battle. Education for the FOXoholic’s will be swift, and will serve only to dethrone what little if any credibility FOX news ever had.

 Lets have a real Tea Party and dump the affront to liberty that is FOX News and quick.

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