Saul Relative
Yahoo! Contributor Network
December 16, 2011

With the most recent Republican presidential debate occurring on Thursday, Dec. 15, Fox News wants Iowans — and the rest of the nation — to understand that if Texas congressman Ron Paul should win, their first-in-the-nation caucus will count as a waste of time and serious GOP-leaning voters should look toward New Hampshire and South Carolina to choose a truly viable Republican candidate to run against President Obama.

Or that seems to be the gist of what Chris Wallace had to say on Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto” (as reported by Mediaite) a few hours before the sole remaining debate standing between Paul, who is surging in the local polls, and a possible victory in the Hawkeye State on Jan. 3.

“Well, and the Ron Paul people aren’t going to like me saying this,” Wallace said, “but, to a certain degree, it will discredit the Iowa caucuses because, rightly or wrongly, I think most of the Republican establishment thinks he is not going to end up as the nominee. So, therefore, Iowa won’t count and it will go on.”

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