Drivers call 911 on Second Amendment activist because they saw a man with a “big gun” and got scared

Julie Wilson
September 18, 2013

Political activist and second year law student, Nicholas Somberg, holds “For Liberty Fridays” in Lake Orion, Mich. where he and his fellow patriots assemble in the name of Liberty.

On September 18, the patriots were gathered on Somberg’s private property promoting Liberty and the Second Amendment by waving signs that read “Don’t Tread on Me,” “Honk 4 Liberty” and “End the Fed” to passing traffic when police arrived.

Somberg, 24, who was practicing his Second Amendment rights by openly carrying a rifle, which is legal under Mich. state law, was ordered by police to immediately put his weapon down.

“Don’t point that rifle at me, I don’t want this to be a bad situation,” says the officer.

The video clearly illustrates that at no point was the activist pointing the rifle at police, however, per the officer’s order, Somberg is seen puting the rifle down.

Police then order the activist to move towards them, but Somberg, knowing he’s innocent, tells police to get off his property.

As the 24-year old moves towards police, the sergeant says “I don’t want to shoot you, ok?”

The sergeant then asks him to step in front of the police vehicle, but Somberg pushes back, asking officers why he’s being detained and what crime he has committed.

Sgt. Stoner says he’s being detained for “scaring people.”

According to My Fox Detroit, several people (all female callers) called 9-1-1 when they saw a man with a “big gun” and got scared.

My Fox Detroit opens their report immediately demonizing the pro-Second Amendment activist and cites the Department of Homeland Security campaign, “If you see something, say something.”

The local news station even makes the unsubstantiated claim that some of Somberg’s neighbors consider him a “danger to society.”

“Although he was the one with the rifle, he says he was the one in the right,” says the Fox news reporter.

“When citizens are concerned, it is their [police] duty to do something about it.”

Then of course, like other liberal anti-gun pundits have done, the Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe, capitalizes on the recent shooting at the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters when he tells Fox news that because of the mass shooting, people need to put themselves into the perspective of the police officer.

“Deputies don’t know if this guy is a Second Amendment rights person,” McCabe said. “If it’s somebody that’s looking for confrontation. They don’t know if he’s mentally deranged. They don’t know anything about him.

“We just had a deputy stabbed in Williamson county. We just had a trooper shot in the head. We just had the incident in Washington D.C. where a guy with a rifle attacks people. One of the responding officers was a Washington D.C. police officer that was shot in addition to the 12 or 13 other people that were killed.”

Basically what the Undersheriff is saying is that because of the crime police face on a daily basis, Second Amendment supporters are to be treated like criminals.

After creating the typical dramatic police scene by calling six police officers to respond and shutting down a busy street, Sgt. Stoner, unable to prove Somberg committed a crime, eventually returns Somberg’s gun and vacates the premise.

Somberg told Infowars before last week’s incident with the Oakland police, that they’ve had nothing but positive feedback. “Lots of cars have been honking for liberty,” and one police officer even stopped by and made a joke saying “You’re not going to give me your ID, are you?”

Unfortunately the local news didn’t exactly portray the protests in a positive light. My Fox Detroit wrapped up their news report by making sure the public knows there’s been 20 mass shootings since 1999.

Once again, this is another example of how the establishment media fuels hoplophobia (the fear of armed citizens), when in reality, statistics show gun crime has decreased by 39 percent since 1993.

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