“Open carry is a safety concern for the carrier because somebody may kill you just to get your gun”

Julie Wilson
September 23, 2013

Fox News Detroit brings liberty activist and Second Amendment supporter, Nicholas Somberg, back for another round of debate on gun control, this time with a former SWAT officer and gun store owner, Bill Kucyk.

Last week Infowars covered the local news station’s report featuring Somberg’s run-in with police during one of his “For Liberty Fridays” protests, in which police illegally detained him and temporarily confiscated his firearm. The report portrayed the 24-year old and his protests in a negative light, but after he complained, they brought him back on to further debate the issue.

Despite Somberg not breaking any laws, Kucyk believes the activist did more harm than good when he practiced his right to open carry. The liberty lover and second year law student stood his ground, defended his actions and continued to voice his support for the Second Amendment and the right to open carry.

The Fox News anchor flat out asks, “Is open carry good? Should we ban it?”

“I don’t think we should ban it, but I’m not an advocate for it, says Kucyk. “It’s a safety concern for somebody carrying the gun because somebody could kill you just to get your gun.”

After that never before heard concern for “safety,” the debate continues when the news anchor asks Somberg, “Aren’t you giving open carry people a bad name?”

“Just say I’m Nick Somberg, here I am. I live at blah, blah, blah, here’s my ID and I’m doing my job. The cops would have been gone, just like that.”

“I don’t represent all gun owners, about the same as, because I have a cell-phone I don’t represent all cell-phone owners,” replies the law student.

Once again, this is another example of how the establishment media fuels hoplophobia (the fear of armed citizens), when in reality, statistics show gun crime has decreased by 39 percent since 1993. The media propagates a constant state of fear, teaching citizens they should be alarmed when they see someone carrying a firearm.

The establishment pushes hard to demonize the Second Amendment, but it’s a battle they’ll never win if citizens like Somberg continue to stand up for their constitutional rights.

Below is the video of Somberg’s interaction with police.

Check out Mikael Thalen’s article on Story Leak showing what it’s like when the “For Liberty Fridays” activists encounter a good cop, one that knows and understands the law.

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