Kevin Hayden
Truth is Treason
May 14, 2010

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Apparently FOX News considers the American Flag the “least incendiary” item to ban in order to “protect the children.”  They just released a poll debating the merits of banning the American Flag in public schools in order to quell potential race fights.

What country is this?  The fact that FOX News would even OFFER “Banning the American Flag…” as a poll choice is beyond logic and reason.  But the worst part?

67% are in FAVOR of banning the flag.

Sixty Seven Percent!  You can find the poll here.

The poll was posted in response to the recent controversy at Live Oaks High School in California (Kaliphornistan?).  They decided it was necessary to ban two students from campus grounds for wearing shirts which displayed images of the American flag.  Shortly after, the school district stated that they ‘do not concur’ with the actions of Live Oak faculty and that the students would be allowed to return to school without suspension.

This is the effect our mass media is having on American minds.  Trying to be politically correct in a violent world will not cut it.  This is America.  Political issues and immigration status aside, this is our nation’s flag we’re talking about.  Banning it, even on (and especially on) school grounds would send a message to the rest of the world – and to future generations – that America has completely sold out.  No longer do we hold these Truths to be self evident.  No longer would the word patriotism have any meaning.  The mere idea of banning the American flag in American schools should create a media shockwave similar to a nuclear bomb detonating.

But it hasn’t.

Should we hoist our flag upside down from this point forward?

America is in dire distress.  Help!

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