It’s another indication ethical journalism practiced by the corporate media no longer exists in the United States.

On Tuesday reporter James Rosen asked an inept Jen Psaki, the latest inappropriate State Department spokesperson, why U.S. Special Forces didn’t pose as reporters to grab Benghazi “suspected mastermind” Ahmed Abu Khattala.

Psaki gave a pat response and did not challenge the assertion that trained killers should pretend to be journalists and thus drive another nail in the credibility of the media. It never crossed her mind or, for that matter, anybody else allowed in the press room that the very idea is reprehensible.

Even more startling is the fact Rosen is considered a pariah. The Obama Justice Department had monitored his phone calls and personal emails. First Amendment scholars and others rallied to his defense.

Now we learn that Rosen believes the profession can be prostituted by the state to catch supposed bad guys – many created by the same government that listened in on his phone calls – and this apparently does not strike him as grotesque and a violation of the principles he is supposedly dedicated to upholding.

The national security state long ago undermined the integrity of independent journalism. In the early 1950s Wall Street lawyer Frank Wisner and the CIA refashioned the media into a Mighty Wurlitzer. It has functioned as a propaganda megaphone for the state ever since.

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