France has banned a children’s movie from school for not being “secular enough,” despite allowing praying Muslims to block public streets.

French officials said the nativity scene from the film The Christmas Star was “too Christian” to show to children.

“This one was judged not enough secular by the teachers,” reported le Républicain, translated from French. “They had not realized, before organizing the release, that the animated film was about the birth of a certain Jesus.”

“They realized ‘there was a problem of the theme’ being projected and stopped the film, before deciding to repatriate the children to their school, next to Langon.”

In contrast, French officials don’t seem to have a problem with Muslims blocking traffic for full-blown prayer sessions:

They even tried to charge former French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen with “inciting hatred,” a crime in France, for speaking out against the street prayers.

“It is an occupation of part of the territory [of France], suburbs where religious law is applied [by migrants],” she said in 2010. “Sure, there are no armored vehicles, no soldiers, but it is an occupation nonetheless and it weighs on residents.”

France’s history was woven with Christianity, yet officials today have no problem vilifying it in favor of “secularism,” all while giving Islam a free pass.

This doesn’t bode well for France’s future, especially as it faces a tourism collapse.

“The recent wave of terrorist attacks is why so many tourists are shunning Paris, but the terror threat does not explain everything,” said tourism official Valerie Pecresse. “Tourists spend less time in Paris than they do in London. They spend less here.”

“This is because the quality of the services on offer has massively deteriorated.”

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