The Brussels chief lost it with representatives of the EU parliament after they attacked his plans to consult ordinary European voters on which path eurocrats should take to save the bloc from collapsing. 

His outburst came at the end of a gruelling hour and fifteen minute debate on the EU Commission’s highly publicised white paper, during which MEPs repeatedly called on Mr Juncker to voice his personal opinions.

Eurocrats have outlined five “pathways” they believe the EU can take post-Brexit, ranging from reverting back to a simple trading bloc right through to the establishment of a full-blown United States of Europe.

Finally losing his temper at the Catch-22 situation, he then raged: “But sh*t, I would say sh*t if we weren’t in the EU parliament. What do you want us to do?”

Instead of moaning, he urged left-wing politicians to discuss their favourite option amongst themselves and then to reach out to socialist prime ministers across the continent to gauge their views.

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