The history of the New World Order is a long train of repeated abominations and usurpations to the spirit of free Humanity. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid World.

They have established private supranational organizations such as the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations and the Club of Rome to override national sovereignty and incrementally break down the stability of the nation-state.

They have financed and sustained dictators and oligarchies alike, from Joseph Stalin to Mao Zedong to Adolf Hitler, resulting in more than 150 million deaths at the hands of the state during the 20th century alone.

They have provocateured and carried out terror attacks against civilian and military targets alike, killing tens of thousands in the aggregate to merely use them post-mortem as a pretext to relinquish liberty for security.

They have launched a myriad of endless wars around the planet, furthering their agenda of depopulation and profiting off of the mass carnage that has resulted.

They have planned and executed multiple eugenics and depopulation operations against humanity, from contaminating vaccine supplies with mercury and cancer viruses to sterilizing hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

They have supported and encouraged the unlawful seizure of millions of innocent children through the criminal Child Protective Services, resulting in the abuse, and in many cases murder, of countless children.

They have heaped tax upon tax onto every nation of the planet and used governments as mere vacuum cleaners to redistribute wealth from the peoples’ hands into their private hands.

They have engineered, via central banks such as the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund, economic depressions and financial implosions that have resulted in continent-wide famines and the deaths of millions.

They have harbored and protected known war criminals through Project Paperclip and various other programs, including the harboring and promotion of known SS officer Kurt Waldheim.

They have regulated free speech around the planet via Internet censorship and ownership of media conglomerates, in attempt after attempt of knowledge suppression and truth restriction.

They have ignored property rights and used state and local governments as an extractor to seize land under the pretense of eminent domain and the common good and further tear down the individual’s independence.

They have unleashed legions of militarized enforcers on the populations of almost every nation, and have allowed them to engage in brutality and selective enforcement on a daily basis.

They have perfected scientific enslavement mechanisms to further control global populations, from fluoridating water supplies to aspartame contaminations, and used these technologies to wage cold-blooded mental genocide against Humanity.

They have experimented recklessly with unfamiliar technologies such as weather modification, the HAARP array, and atom-smashing supercolliders that endanger the very planet we live on.

They have suppressed beneficial life extension technologies from the general public, including breakthrough cancer treatments along with new emerging technologies such as mind uploading and suspended animation.

In every stage of these Oppressions, the New World Order has hindered and retarded Humanity’s destiny. This is their most unforgivable offense, stunting the growth of our species. They are illegitimate kings who have proven themselves to be a malignant cancer on free Humanity.

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