Kurt Nimmo
April 17, 2012

Remember Peggy Joseph? She was the woman who thought Obama would pay her mortgage and put gas in her car. Untold numbers of people who flocked to the polls to vote for Barry suffered under the delusion that the government would take care of them.

In 2009, thousands of people lined up outside the convention center in Detroit because they thought Obama would give them free “stimulus” money. In fact, it was a federal program for homeless people.

“Scuffles erupted as several thousands Detroit residents jockeyed, pushed and shoved Wednesday to get free money being offered to only 3,500 of the city’s recently or soon to be homeless,” the AP reported at the time.

“Several received medical treatment for fainting or exhaustion while frantically trying to obtain the applications for federal assistance. The long lines and short tempers highlighted the frustration and desperation that Detroiters feel struggling through an economic nightmare.”

On Monday, freebie hysteria broke out again, this time in New York after E&M multi services in the Bronx issued debit cards that supposedly contained “thousands of dollars in government surplus money.”

Nothing is free, of course. Recipients had to fork over Social Security numbers and ID cards in exchange for the worthless debit cards. “It’s unclear why people are asked to hand over all their personal information,” reports ABC News in New York, who are apparently as clueless as the people who think money is handed out for free.

It is apparently difficult to understand for many people that government does not hand out “surplus” money. It specializes in confiscating money from the producers and redistributing it to a welfare class created by the government. Peggy Joseph, the mob in Detroit and the most recent one in the Bronx are pathetic examples of an inbred mentality demonstrated by deluded people who believe government will take care of them from cradle to grave.

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