Internal emails showed Google blacklists search results for Alex Jones and Infowars, Fox News host Tucker Carlson exposed Wednesday night.

Discussing how global corporations are strangling free speech, Carlson disclosed internal emails from Google engineer Dong Jiao obtained by Fox News, which showed search algorithms demote content from Infowars and other unwanted videos.

“It’s no secret that free speech is evaporating in this country. After 240 years the biggest threat turns out not to be the government, but instead corporations, schools and especially the online mob,” Tucker said, introducing his next guest Dave Portnoy.

Carlson goes on to question why a multinational corporate superpower like Google has the ability to control the flow of information for billions of users, especially in light of a congressional exemption granted on the basis that Google would not edit information.

Previously on this show we’ve told you how employees at Google discussed altering search results to undermine the White House’s immigration policies.

At the time Google said it has never changed search results for political reasons and it never will. We knew it was untrue then, now we can prove that it is untrue.

The show has obtained internal Google emails in which an employee discusses editing YouTube search results to suppress videos based on their political content.

Here’s one example: Last March, Google engineer Dong Jiao sent an email saying the company wanted to, and we’re quoting, “demote low authoritative content on controversial queries to fight against fake news.”

This was not hypothetical. He said the company had already succeeded in suppressing unwanted videos, videos for searches like: “Hillary” and, we’re flattered here, “Tucker.”

It’s not clear which videos were suppressed because Google won’t admit it or tell us, but the email does indicate that Alex Jones and Infowars we’re a major target of this.

Google says their efforts are not political and meant to fight conspiracy theories, though for the record we have never endorsed any kind of conspiracy theory on this show and never would – and by the way, how does Google define a conspiracy theory? They haven’t told us that either, or why a superpower global monopoly ought to be making that decision in the first place since they have a congressional exemption in which they promised not to – they promised to be a conduit through which information flows and not a news site that edits it. Congress might want to rethink that agreement.

Google’s increased censorship of Alex Jones has not gone undetected. As highlighted in April 2017, search engine evaluators contracted by the company have been specifically instructed to rate articles from Infowars as “low to medium” quality, no matter the validity of the content.


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