Infowars has chosen the top six “#Obola: Tyranny is the Disease” contest entries.

With so many fantastic entries to choose from, picking the top contestants was an extremely difficult task.

We would like to commend and thank every participant for their efforts in helping call attention to the Obama administration’s monumental policy failures.

The top videos will be reviewed on tonight’s edition of the Infowars Nightly News, which starts at 7pm CST.

Alex Jones plans to announce the first prize $5,000 winner, second prize $2,000 winner and third prize $500 winner during his Friday transmission.

The Truth is Viral

Spreading Liberty in the Den of Criminals

Going Postal: You’ve Got Ebola Mail

Obama Spreads Ebola Awareness in Chicagoland

Ebola Visits Skull & Bones

Ebola Goes Digital

See Infowars’ Youtube playlist comprised of several of the “#Obola: Tyranny is the Disease” contest entries below.

Thanks again to everyone who took part in helping spread the message of liberty.

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