French locals have built a wall around an abandoned hotel to stop its use as a proposed migrant resort.

The residents of the southwestern French town of Séméac erected a 60-foot-long, six-foot-tall wall to bar access to the former F1 hotel after they found out about the secret plan to turn it into a shelter for 85 migrants.

“We not against taking in migrants, but you have to take account of the citizens,” Séméac local Laurent Teixeira told media. “Nothing is planned for the migrants’ daily life.”

Officials tried to keep the public completely unaware of the migrant shelter, Teixeira added.

Overall, the French government has bought 62 hotels across France in an attempt to ship off migrants currently living on Paris streets into the rural countryside.

But the hotels may not be enough; the wave of economic migrants from Africa and the Middle East is increasing, and French officials seem unmotivated to stop the flood at the border.

Contrast that to Eastern Europe where governments are putting up electric fences to stop uncontrolled immigration, which Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said was a joint effort between George Soros and the EU to Muslimize Europe.

“We have to stand our ground against the Soros mafia network and the Brussels bureaucrats, and, during the next nine months, we will have to fight against the media they operate,” he stated.

Orban also warned the EU of using immigration as just one way to vassalize European nations.

“Unelected elites are bent on transforming Europe, against the clear will of most of the people,” he wrote in an op/ed. “…I am convinced that in Brussels and a few other European capitals, the political and intellectual elites are pitted against most of the people, who still nourish patriotic and commonsense sympathies.”

“The main threat to the future of Europe is not those who want to come here to live but our own political, economic and intellectual elites bent on transforming Europe against the clear will of the European people.”

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