French intellectual Eric Zemmour says that the elite organized an “invasion” of Europe via mass immigration primarily because they wanted to import a servant class to replace Europeans who are no longer willing to perform menial tasks.

During a recent talk, the commentator and author outlined the main reasons why the establishment has rapidly increased mass immigration in the last five years via the refugee wave.

“Today the economic organization of the world relies on large cities, large metropolises where the winners of globalism live. And those winners of globalism, who are connected to the world, need servants. Voilà: they need servants to deliver the sushi, to bring them pizza, to babysit their children, to work in the restaurants, to work everywhere in the large cities.

And the servants, you know, the old European peoples: French, English, they don’t want to. They don’t want to; they decide that they don’t feel like working in this profession, they consider that they aren’t paid enough and so on. Therefore there has been an entire organized action, for the last twenty years, for the purpose of getting rid of those original peoples, who don’t want to perform the job they are asked to do, and to replace them.”

Zemmour said that the west was currently engaged in a “civilizational war” brought about by the elite-orchestrated “invasion” that is mass migration and that the hundreds of millions of predominantly African migrants who enter Europe over the next 30 years will cause an “unheard-of demographic tilt.”

“We have elites that are organizing the invasion,” stressed the author, adding that globalists treat individual people as if they have no roots.

“Christian universalism has gone completely rogue, by a universalism gone mad, which thinks that every human is an individual with no roots,
and that man is reduced to the condition of consumer. So he can be from any culture of any race, any origin; it doesn’t matter, as long as he is consuming Nike. Voilà. This is the universalism of consumers,” said the intellectual.

Zemmour also made the point that far from new migrants assimilating to the cultures of European countries, the reverse is happening, with Europeans assimilating to the invading culture or simply leaving altogether.

“Meaning that the assimilation happened inversely ,” said Zemmour. “So this is what I call the second part. Meaning the colonization. From a certain point, you have in the neighborhoods, districts, in the cities a civilizational tilt, which is happening totally naturally by the numbers. Starting at a certain point you assimilate to the more numerous, stronger group, or else you leave.”

This was emphasized in a recent story we covered where to prevent sexual harassment by male Muslim migrants in the streets of Vienna, fathers are encouraging their daughters to wear Islamic headscarves.

As we have previously explained, the Yellow Vest movement in France is partly a backlash against mass immigration and lower middle class and working class people refusing to live out their lives as a wage slave servant class for the elite.


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