An investigation has been launched in Tolouse after officers were caught on tape saying they wanted to “shoot” violent Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) protesters.

The footage comes from the Yellow Vest protest on Saturday, January 12th, where protesters and hooligans clashed with police for nearly 16 hours and was recorded at the police command room where officers were watching the scenes of violence unfold on several monitors, broadcaster France 3 reports.

Several officers are heard in the recording including both female and male officers with one male officer saying, “The fuckers! There’s one on the ground there,” and another commenting, “What a bunch of bastards!”

A female officer is then heard saying, “we have to shoot!” to which another male officer replies, “When I tell you to, line up two or three rounds.”

While the video was recorded on January 12th, it was not released until January 31st by the Vigi police union which commented on the audio saying “the words of the policemen have exceeded their thoughts,” and that the officers reacted out of surprise and shock at the video feed they were watching.

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