French president Emmanuel Macron has announced a controversial plan to establish processing centers for ‘asylum seekers’ in Libya, allegedly to stem the flow of migrants pouring out of Africa through the failed state.

“The idea is to create hot spots to avoid people taking crazy risks when they are not all eligible for asylum,” he said while visiting a ‘refugee’ center in central France. “We’ll go to them.”

Macron seeks to implement the plan immediately, despite skepticism from French and EU officials who have deemed it impractical, citing security risks in the region as being too high, but Macron has vowed France will move forward alone if necessary.

Earlier this week, President Macron hosted leaders of the two primary factions battling for control of Libya in Paris, orchestrating a tenuous ceasefire and laying the groundwork for proper democratic elections as soon as possible.

Macron has indicated that economic migrants – which compose the vast majority of Africans invading Europe – may be rejected before ever crossing the Mediterranean.

“He warned that those fleeing poverty, rather than war or persecution, were unlikely to be accepted for resettlement in France,” reports the Telegraph. ‘No country can take all the economic migrants,’ he said.”

The United Nations refugee agency recently released a report admitting that the ‘refugee’ crisis has little to do with true ‘refugees.’

“The UN has said that seven in 10 people crossing the Mediterranean from Libya are economic migrants and the rest are ‘people in need of protection’ like refugees and asylum-seekers,” reported the Daily Mail. “The U.N. refugee agency says people smuggling and migrant flows in Libya are on the rise, so Europe may face increased flows of migrants and refugees in the future.”

“UNHCR says ‘trafficking for sexual exploitation’ seems to be increasing, particularly affecting Nigerian and Cameroonian women and organized crime rings are becoming internationalized.”

More than 100,000 migrants have landed on European shores in 2017, with 85% arriving in Italy, prompting neighboring countries to take drastic measures to prevent the invasion from spilling across their borders.

The Austrian government recently moved 750 troops and four Pandur armored vehicles into the Tyrol region, where they can quickly deploy to the Brenner Pass – the primary connector between Austria and Italy through the Alps, if necessary.

The Italian government has indicated it is considering a ‘nuclear option’ to uncork the bottleneck of illegal immigrants at the gateway to Europe by issuing temporary ‘humanitarian visas’ to as many as 200,000 migrants, which would enable them to legally move north into the rest of the continent – and could spark military intervention in the process.

“Italy granting humanitarian visas to migrants is unacceptable,” responded Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka during a visit to the border. “In that case, we would immediately introduce controls in Brenner.”

“Humanitarian visas are a European issue, not Italian.”

Austria’s military response comes on the heels of a recent meeting between six central European nations seeking to form a new anti-migrant defense coalition, as Infowars reported last month.

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