The French press has criticised the American team which is heading into the FIFA Women’s World Cup for association football (soccer) for being “mostly composed of white players”.

Le Monde, a left-leaning daily and of France’s newspapers of record, published an article by Stéphanie Le Bars lamenting the fact that a soccer team which has “become in the United States the symbol of the defence of sexual minorities and the equality of rights between men and women” is insufficiently diverse.

The writer claims that, while the number of players who are “African-American or Métis… in proportion seems high”, in fact the “overwhelming majority of regular attendees are white players”, and appeared to suggest that this was inherently problematic.

Praise is offered to “Homosexual star Megan Rapinoe” for her statement that “You can not win without the gays on your team”, and for the U.S. Women’s team’s Equal Opportunity Employment Commission case against the United States Soccer Federation which employs them, demanding “equal” pay on par with male players.

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