La Voix du Nord, a French newspaper, reports security forces have been instructed to carry out the arrest of a known ISIS terrorist who is suspected to be in a refugee camp in the Pas-de-Calais prefecture.

According to the report the man left Syria in late August and intends to travel to Britain and carry out terrorist acts. He is said to be categorized as an S-type criminal and considered a threat to the French state.

Police in Calais stated previously that an operation by 40 detectives in the port city had not detected terrorists amidst the refugees there.

3,500 migrants of Asian and African origin are staying at the outdoor Calais encampment and another 1,500 at various locations in what is described as a wasteland near a highway leading into the city.

The Daily Mail reports the migrants make nightly attempts to break into the Eurostar station at the French end of the Eurotunnel leading to Britain.

On Wednesday Infowars reported on a series of images showing at least three individuals identified entering Europe who have previously been pictured fighting for Al-Qaeda-linked militant groups.

“Although it is likely the men pictured fought with jihadist rebel factions in Syria – not ISIS – many of the so-called ‘moderate’ rebels share the same ideology and went on to join ISIS,” writes Paul Joseph Watson.

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