French President Emmanuel Macron was jeered by angry workers on Thursday as he toured a car factory in northern France, amid rising discontent over his failure to slash unemployment, boost economic growth and cut taxes.

The young centrist’s social and economic reforms, including a controversial hike in fuel prices, have angered the French and dragged his poll numbers down to unprecedented lows. “You’re not welcome here!” shouted Renault worker and unionist Samuel Beauvois as the president toured a Renault SA factory in the northern town of Maubeuge, hailed in the region as a model of productivity.

“The money [Renault CEO] Carlos Ghosm gives us for our work, you take straight back out of our pockets. I’ve worked for Renault for 27 years and it is Renault that feeds me – not you Mr Macron… We’re doing just fine without you,” the disgruntled worker continued.

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