Fabius Maximus
March 10, 2011

Summary:  Friday might be an important day, perhaps the most important day of the decade.  It’s the Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia.  The Princes have mobilized their vast security services to prevent or disperse the protests.  Will anybody dare to show up?  Will the Princes order the use of force?  Will the crowds resist?  The consequences could send oil prices skyrocketing, shaking the world. Many have guesses but nobody knows the outcome.  Updates will appear below (and in the right-side meu bar).

Tunesia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain.  Now it’s Saudi Arabia’s turn.  Most of the usual sources (e.g., Stratfor) have said almost nothing about Friday. But there are hints, some of which appear below.

If the Princes fall it will be no Black Swan.  Experts have long said that unsustainable trends will lead to disaster for the Saudi Princes (unless they flee promptly).

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