Wayne Drash
January 30, 2009

Amber Easton has gone from $80,000 a year in salary to scrambling for work. At a time in her life when she should be scaling the corporate ladder, she has instead spiraled into a deep depression. She recently lost her car and now faces eviction from her apartment.
Job fairs have been on the rise amid the nation’s hard economic times.

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Job fairs have been on the rise amid the nation’s hard economic times.

Just last week, the 35-year-old longtime working professional attended two job fairs with friends in the Detroit area. They stood in line for over three hours with hundreds of professionals of all types.

“It was a real eye-opener to see the caliber of people we were in line with — very educated with vast skill sets,” Easton said in an e-mail. “Afterwards, we went to the restaurant located in the same hotel and it was filled with unemployed professionals sharing their story, from engineers to graphic designers to marketing professionals.”

Easton’s saga began in July 2007 when she traded in her job as a corporate compliance officer to attend law school, what she thought would help advance her career. But after a year of law school, she decided it wasn’t for her. By then, her old job was gone and the job market had shrunk.

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