Supporting Donald Trump for president can mean threats, intimidation and attacks on personal property for some Americans.

Joseph Ramos was asleep, along with his wife and two young children, in his Brooklyn, New York home in late June when someone threw a rock through his glass front door, grabbed the Trump rally placard hanging behind it and tore the sign up, News 12 reports.

Ramos is a minority in his neighborhood.

He was only one of eight voters to cast a ballot in the Republican primary in his Gowanus neighborhood this year.

Two hundred and four were cast in the Democratic primary.

“I’m really ashamed,” Ramos says. “It’s supposed to be a free country.”

He says he won’t repost the Trump sign “out of fear for his children’s safety.”

“Don’t put Trump signs on your house because you don’t know what’s gonna happen,” he says. “They could have burned the house down.”

Police are “still searching for suspects.”

Meanwhile, a Indianapolis, Indiana resident, who remained anonymous, had a large 4×8 Trump sign in their front yard. It was reinforced with a wooden frame.

Someone came by and spray painted “F*ck Trump” on some large boulders at the end of the driveway.

“You can express your opinions, that’s fine, but there’s a respectful way to do it,” neighbor Steve Calo tells WISH TV.

“That’s just bothersome, it really is. A lot of people see it and it just shouldn’t happen,” he says.

It wasn’t the first time the Trump supporter’s property was hit.

A couple months ago, the sign was attacked.

“The day it was gone, I noticed right away,” he says.

“Stick the sign in the yard, that’s fine. Whoever did (the vandalism) go stick your sign in your yard. Put that out there,” he tells the news station.

A California Trump supporter was forced to pull his gun on trespassers who were attempting to attack his sign.

San Diego police say Taren Meacham pulled a rifle on a group of people who tampered with his Trump sign in June.

“I kind of just screamed ‘get back, get back.’ Some of us yelled, my husband was like ‘are you serious, put down the weapon, this is ridiculous,’” one of the admitted vandals, Ashton Ferejan, tells ABC 10.

Meacham was taken in for questioning by police and released.

There was no indication whether there was any punishment for the vandals.

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