History demonstrates that Liberty and Peace are but fleeting moments in the life of a Nation. Tyranny, Enslavement, and Suffering at the hands of the few are the norms of existence for the Common Man in every corner of the globe.

Even when wise men chart a sound course for a nation, and even when the Hand of GOD Almighty provides the first push forward on what seems to be a Majestic Journey toward Independence and Self-Rule, the Siren-Call of Greed and Empire can lead to Ignoble failure.

Over the course of time, the few have combined advances in technology with the age-old understanding of human nature to fool the People into accepting the illusion of Liberty, all the while eroding the GOD-Given Rights of the People, who together constitute the Only basis for the Power of Government.

The Great Words and Works of the Founding Fathers have been slowly blurred and distorted to the point of seeming irrelevance, but their sentiments have smoldered in the hearts of Patriots world wide, waiting for the right wind, or for the one step too far by those who govern.

In the hearts of those who love Liberty, that ember, buried beneath Decades of slow Encroachment and incremental Infringement, still carries heat and wrath. Those truths– that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness– remain in full force.

It is also true, as always, that the only role of Government is to secure those Rights for All people, at All Times. The cowardly Few have willfully neglected to ensure the completion of this duty, so it is necessary to re-assert and re-establish, with manly force and determination, the Independence of The American People.

Thus, with One Voice, under One GOD, we Declare:

Independence of Thought, and Freedom from all forms of Propaganda and Jingoism.

Independence from the Foul Influence of Wealth and Narrow Interests upon Our Political Process.

Freedom to move and travel where ever our Independent Wills propel us, without the burden of being tracked, traced and waylaid by Agents of the State.

We declare Independence from the Cancer of Fractional Reserve banking and the Federal Reserve System, which multiplies the symbols of wealth, while eating away at the actual
Wealth of the People.

We re-assert the Right, as Individual Sovereigns of our own bodies, to Keep and Bear Arms for self-defense and for the defense of Our Nation from Tyrants, within and without.

As Independent Sovereigns of our own bodies, we further declare Independence from all attempts to forcibly medicate us, or to compel us through physical or mental pain to be witnesses against ourselves.

We declare Independence from all abuses of Governmental Power. We stipulate that concepts like “the Unitary Executive” and “Executive

Privilege” have no place in a Democratic Republic. We vow to persecute and prosecute any Person or group who propagates this or any related precepts.

And finally, we do Publish and Declare that We the People of These United States are, and ought to be, free from any form of Government,

and any group of people who would Govern, if they do not adhere strictly to the Constitution, as Drafted and Ratified by the Founders, or as lawfully Amended by The People or their Representatives.

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