December 27, 2013

Piranha attacked 70 people in Argentina on Wednesday, even biting off one girls’ fingers. They can smell blood up to 2 miles away, and piranha attacks are taking place all over America – a slow death by small bites here and there – depending on how you define piranha attacks.

For example, if you want to eat fish, the price has doubled since 1990. Wheat prices just jumped by 4.9% and the price of chocolate rose 28% for the first 10 months of 2013 and climbing.

And it’s not just food. That other staple, energy, is skyrocketing in cost.

Smart meters will charge you more based on time of day use, and people are paying just for the “privilege” of getting connected to the surveillance grid.

In Chicago, the average household electric bill will increase by $5.50 per month just for smart grid infrastructure creation.

But because of Obama’s war on coal, by summer, energy rates are expected to soar by 23% and not just in Chicago. Remember when Obama said companies could build a new coal plant, but it would bankrupt them? Well shutting down coal plants and keeping new ones from being built is going to bankrupt YOU.

But hey, energy prices will drop because of new natural gas – right? Nope, expect a 36% increase there.

Then there’s the ObamaCare taxes – if all these other surcharges are eating you alive like a school of piranha taking hundreds of small bites, the ObamaCare taxes are the great white shark headed your way.

• 2% on your insurance policy
• 3.5% on the insurer
• 2.3% on medical devices

and $479 billion in new taxes – and besides the new taxes on insurance policies, insurers and medical devices, there’s new taxes on investment income, medicare, bio-fuels, drugs, retirement benefits, tanning salons, hospitals – even capping deductions on special needs kids.

That’s right – a tax on special needs kids!

Maybe $479 billion doesn’t mean much to you. After all, we talk about billions and trillions all the time. Let’s put it in perspective:

Out of all 187 nations worldwide, 162 nations don’t even HAVE a Gross National Product (GNP) as high as the ObamaCare tax increases.

Countries like Denmark, Austria, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Israel and Taiwan don’t even have a GNP of $479 billion – the amount of money Obama is going to steal from Americans for his so-called “affordable” health care program.

Which brings us back to Argentina, where the 70 people were attacked by piranha. Argentina only has a GNP of $474 billion – still less than the new ObamaCare taxes.

The government does take a bite, doesn’t it?

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