Steve Watson
June 29th, 2010

G20 Protesters Being Abducted, Bundled Into Unmarked Vans In Toronto 280610vansIn a repeat of scenes witnessed at last year’s G20 meeting in Pittsburgh, protesters in Toronto are being abducted off the streets and bundled into unmarked vehicles which are driven away at high speeds.

Several videos show police tackling protesters to the ground, cuffing them and then handing them over to unidentified casually dressed individuals who shove the demonstrators into unmarked black vans.

Police then randomly grab further protesters as more of the unmarked vehicles arrive on the scene.

Watch the video:

This video of scenes from the protests shows another protester being forced into an unmarked black vehicle as the crowds chant “let them go”:

In another video of the same incident police are seen keeping the roads clear for the unmarked vehicles to get away:

Other videos show police seemingly randomly grabbing peaceful demonstrators for no reason other than getting too close to the police line:

These videos, and many others uploaded to Youtube, clearly show police charging and attacking peaceful protesters and journalists, while in some cases black bloc anarchists have been allowed to rampage through the city unchallenged.

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Prior to the G20 and G8 gatherings, Toronto police were given unprecedented powers to to arrest anyone near the security zone who refuses to identify themselves or agree to a police search.

It is not clear where the snatched protesters were taken, however it is assumed they were detained in the massive movie studio police have been using as a temporary jail. The building is roughly five kilometres from the Toronto Convention Centre, outside the two security zones.

British activist Charlie Veitch, who was arrested last week in Toronto for refusing to show ID, described the conditions in the makeshift prison on last Friday’s Alex Jones show, noting that the building the size of two football pitches was crammed with cages and covered with cctv cameras.

Veitch, along with Canadian activist Dan Dicks returned to the show yesterday to detail suspicious undercover police activity at the meeting.

Watch the video:

During last year’s G20 meeting video was captured of military police kidnapping a demonstrator in Pittsburgh, shoving him into an unmarked gold Sedan and driving away.

The video quickly became viral and attracted much media attention:

After the Drudge Report linked to the shocking video, hoards of mindless Neo-Cons flooded comment boards claiming the event was “fake” or “staged,” citing all manner of ludicrous and unfounded reasons in a desperate effort to deny the fact that America is now a military police state.

G20 security officials subsequently took responsibility for the video and admitted it was real, stating that the protester was arrested for “vandalizing a store.”

The message is clear, exercising free speech in Canada and the U.S. is now officially a criminal offense and people who dare exercise it are attacked and abducted in broad daylight.

These scenes are a precursor to what our future cities will permanently look like as the world we live in worsens at the hands of the international banksters that have hijacked our governments and our political systems. Only by standing up now and refusing to accept scenes like this as normal do we stand any chance of preventing that scenario from unfolding.

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