Initial online polls show that Democratic presidential candidate, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, won the first Democractic Presidential debate.

In a Drudge Report online poll, Gabbard has 41.63% with 31,114 votes. Her closest rival, Elizabeth Warren, has 11.94% with 8,925 votes. So far, 74,736 votes were surveyed for Drudge’s poll.

Other online surveys from the Washington Examiner, and Heavy all point towards similar results with Gabbard winning almost every early online poll. Each poll shows her averaging between 30% – 40% of the total vote.

Washington Examiner has her coming on top with 39.22% of the vote, shows Gabbard with 34.67% and the Heavy has her at 32.24%.

It’s important to note that these polls are hardly scientific and may not be representative of everyone who watched the debate.

However, Google Trends showed that there was an increased interest in Gabbard; revealing she was the most searched Democratic candidate at the conclusion of the debate.

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