Sarah Graham
Daily Mail

October 21, 2011

Sitting against a wall and smoking a cigarette while swigging from a bottle of water, his white vest covered in blood, this is Gaddafi’s loyal son Mutassim after he was captured by rebels. 

Mutassim, a senior army officer and security adviser, was later pictured still alive and lying on a sofa.

The new Libyan government’s TV channel broadcast a close-up showing Mutassim in what appeared to be a hospital. The next time he was to be pictured he would be lying dead on a stretcher having been shot in the throat and abdomen.

The events leading up to Mutassim’s death are unclear. A military source in Misrata would only confirm that he was shot in the neck and killed.

Mutassim died alongside his father after they were discovered cowering in a drain under a motorway in Sirte.

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