A Gallup poll has indicated that fewer Americans than ever are proud of their country, and that only a quarter of all Democrats find a lot of pride in being American.

The survey, found that 67% of Republicans are ‘extremely proud’ of their country compared to just 24% of Democrats.

Overall, feelings of pride among Americans have sunk to an all time low, according to the poll.

“Although a majority of adults in the U.S. still say they are ‘extremely proud’ (42%) or ‘very proud’ (21%) to be American, both readings are the lowest they have been since Gallup’s initial measurement in 2001,” the pollster noted.

A total of 36% of Americans said they are just “moderately proud” (15%) “only a little proud” (12%) or “not at all proud” (9%).

The figures show that American pride has decreased among Republicans from 76 percent just one year ago to 67 percent in 2020, a 9-percentage-point drop.

“The percentage of Americans expressing extreme pride in the country has been declining over the past 20 years, especially recently,” Gallup notes.

“Just over half, 55%, felt extreme pride in the initial January 2001 reading, prior to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In the three subsequent years, between 65% and 70% were extremely proud as the public rallied around the flag. By 2005, that reading fell to 61% and remained steady until 2015 when it dropped to 54%. The current reading is the sixth consecutive year since then that it has fallen to a new low in Gallup’s trend,” the pollster adds.

The other notable finding was that extreme pride is down in all major subgroups, and has fallen below 50% among whites for the first time ever:

Gallup notes that the decrease in pride is a long term trend, and does not seem to dovetail with the election of President Trump, writing that “The current reading is the sixth consecutive year since then that it has fallen to a new low in Gallup’s trend.”

Looking at the figures, there was a peak of national pride at 92% around 2003, followed by an accelerating decline thereafter.

Does this indicate that the incessant everyday Anti-American propaganda programming of the mass media, the leftist controlled education system, and the Democratic Party is sinking into the psyche of all Americans?

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