Aaron Dykes / Jones Report | Novemeber 5, 2008

With Obama’s sweeping victory catching worldwide attention, betting houses have placed odds on who president-elect Obama will choose for his cabinet and National Security Council positions.

Not only will they likely draw largely from the Clinton Administration and National Security specialists (running the continuing government), but they may well be closely related to the powerful names on Obama’s National Security Working Group, announced in June.

This gives an opportunity for another look at the real power that will be operating during the coming Obama administration.

Market Watch published Paddy Power’s list for prospective Secretary of State, which we have analyzed below:

Top ranking American diplomat, Richard Holbrooke, is Paddy Power’s 9-4 favourite with Anthony Lake and Richard Lugar sharing the bookies 7-2 second-favourites tag.

Paddy Power President Obama Betting
Who will Obama choose as Secretary of State?

The list of Secretary of State candidates are indexed with their known membership in the following groups (where it is known): Obama’s National Security Working Group, Clinton Administration cabinet position, Bush administration, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission.

Obama’s National Security working group, announced in June, includes: Warren Christopher, Madeline Albright, Anthony Lake, James Steinberg, William Perry, Lee Hamilton, Senator David Boren, Secretary of the Navy Richard Danzig, Representative Tim Roemer, Greg Craig, Eric Holder, Former Senator Sam Nunn, Susan Rice,

Due to campaign advisory roles, this editor also adds Zbigniew Brzezinski, Madeline Albright and Christopher Warren to the list, but as such, the odds are not known.

OWG– Obama National Security Working Group, Bilderberg, CFR – Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commision, listed below.

The list is as follows:

9-4 Richard Holbrooke – Clinton, Ambassador to the United Nations, Hillary Clinton’s top foreign policy adviser, National Security Affairs for the Carter presidential campaign, 2001 – Counselor at the Council on Foreign Relations; chairman of its Terrorism Task Force.
7-2 Anthony Lake – OWG, Clinton, National Security Advisor, 1996, nomination withdrawn for Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Director of Policy Planning under Jimmy Carter (1977-1981), task force director, CFR, 2005 report on U.S.-African policy: More than Humanitarianism, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg
7-2 Richard Lugar – Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, CFR, Bilderberg
8-1 Bill Richardson – Governor, CFR, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove
12-1 Chuck Hagel – Select Committee on Intelligence, Committe on Foreign Relations, Council on Foreign Relations, Eisenhower World Affairs Institute,
12-1 John Kerry – former Dem. presidential nominee, CFR, Bilderberg, Skull & Bones, et al.
18-1 Daniel Shapiro – Clinton, National Security Council under Sandy Berger, 2004 – Council on Foreign Relations
20-1 Daniel Kurtzer – U.S. ambassador to Israel, Bush 2001-2005, Ambassador to Egypt, Clinton. According to the Wall Street Journal, Kurtzer along with James Steinberg and Dennis Ross are among the principal authors of Barack Obama’s address on the Middle East to AIPAC in June 2008

20-1 George Mitchell – CFR, U.S. Senator and in the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corps, Chairman Emeritus. International Crisis Group
Member, Task Force on the United Nations
25-1 Eric Lynn – CFR, Middle East policy advisor
25-1 Dennis Ross – OWG, Clinton National Security Council, Bilderberg According to the Wall Street Journal, Ross along with Kurtzner and Steinberg are among the principal authors of Barack Obama’s address on the Middle East to AIPAC in June 2008
25-1 Susan Rice – OWG, former assistant secretary of state, CFR, Brookings Institution, Rhodes Scholar, Aspen Strategy Group
28-1 James Steinberg – OWG, Clinton Deputy National Security Advisor, Bilderberg, CFR, Rand, Trilateral, Brookings, has a preventative war strategy that promises to supercede that of the Bush Admin. According to the Wall Street Journal, Steinberg along with Kurtzner and Ross are among the principal authors of Barack Obama’s address on the Middle East to AIPAC in June 2008
33-1 Mara Rudman – deputy national security advisor to President Clinton and National Security Council Chief of Staff, chief counsel to the House Foreign Affairs Committee under Chairman Lee Hamilton, Aspen Institute Crown Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations
33-1 Bill Clinton – Former President, CFR, Bilderberg
50-1 Colin Powell – Bush Secretary of State, Bush 41, CFR
66-1 Hillary Clinton – 2008 Democratic runner-up, CFR, Bilderberg

*Zbigniew Brzezinski – Obama campaign advisor, CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral, Carter, National Security Advisor
*Madeline Albright – OWG, Clinton Secretary of State, Bilderberg, CFR
*Warren Christopher – OWG, Clinton Secretary of State

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