Aaron Dykes / JonesReport.com | March 31, 2008

Former Senator Gary Hart was confronted by several 9/11 truth groups during an appearance in Colorado, including WeAreChangeColorado.org, TruthAlliance.net and Colorado 9/11 Visibility.

Hart was touting his proposal for a Global Democracy Security Organization, another handy catch phrase for superceding the bounds of national sovereignty and consolidating power into a global body.

The former Senator was probed about his September 12, 2001 statements before the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) where he suggested that George W. Bush might “use [the 9/11] disaster” to carry out the New World Order. (see clip below)

Hart denied ever using the phrase ‘New World Order’ while ironically utilizing the same phrasing he used in his 2001 quote– that the first President Bush ‘used it once in 1991 and never again.’

Patronizing the audience, Hart claims that President H. W. Bush perhaps meant, simply, that ‘the world of 1991 and beyond is not like the world of 1947-1991.’ In other words, the period of global integration under Bretton Woods and United Nations formation has progressed into an era of greater global control.He similarly played dumb over inquiries about the North American Union– a mid-term plan to integrate the Americas in conjunction with a global framework.

After claiming to have never heard of the North American Union, Hart asks the audience if they have heard of the concept– and some half of the audience responds in the affirmative.

As a CFR member, Hart is undoubtedly familiar with the plans for regional integration– he is averting the ‘North American Union’ query because no such plan formally bears that name.

He refuses to engage the relevant concerns about the shrinking balance of power on the part of the audience, telling members of We Are Change after the question & answer session that he is “too tired” to engage in conspiracy theories. Such a global conspiracy, he claims, would require dozens if not hundreds of conspirators and could not be kept secret.


Nevertheless, layers-upon-layers of concentric circles integrate the nations of the world into various global governance schemes. But Hart also downplayed concerns about the WTO, NAFTA, NATO expansion and etc.:

“It’s not America’s job to decrease its standard of living…we should be increasing opportunity while trying to help other countries.”

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