Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is “racist,” Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson told CNN Sunday.

Attempting to draw differences between himself and Trump, the former New Mexico governor said past “incendiary” comments concerning Mexicans proved the businessman is a racist.

“The stuff he’s saying is just incendiary,” Johnson said.

“Incendiary, but do you think he himself is racist?” asked State of the Union’s Brianna Keilar.

“Based on his statements, clearly,” Johnson asserted. “I mean, if statements are being made, is that not reflective of – I mean, if you look up the definition of racism, calling a US born Hispanic ‘Mexican’ and his inability to judge others…?”

Johnson further went on to state he was perplexed by Trump’s popularity even after the hotel mogul proposed an idea to limit Muslim TSA agents.

“He has said 100 things that would disqualify anyone else from running for president, but [it] doesn’t seem to affect him,” Johnson said. “And just turn the page, and here’s the page turn: Now we have another reason that might disqualify a presidential candidate. That statement [about TSA agents] in and of itself — it really is, uh, it’s racist.”

Asked if he supported Trump’s position on the secretive, controversial globalist trade plan known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Trump vehemently opposes, Johnson said he’d been advised the agreement would “advance free trade,” and claimed he would sign the document.

“I’m a real skeptic when it comes to these trade agreements, that in fact they can be laden with crony capitalism, but based on people that have been advising me that I hold in very high esteem, I’m being told that the TPP would in fact advance free trade and so I would support that document,” Johnson said.

“The devil is in the details though. And for the most part legislation that passes really promotes crony capitalism, promotes those that have money as opposed to a level playing field for everybody. So I’m a skeptic, but based on what I know I would sign TPP.”

Unlike Democrat contender Hillary Clinton, Trump has been fiercely critical of the TPP, recently claiming the trade agreement “will make NAFTA, in my opinion, look like a baby.”

“Trans-Pacific Partnership – it’s over 5,000 pages long – every country that’s in that partnership has studied every word, every comma, every sentence, every paragraph; our guys probably haven’t even read it,” Trump said at a campaign rally Thursday. “This is the way we do business.”

“Hillary Clinton understood and backed, and Bill Clinton certainly as the president, initiatives — they are a disaster, and now they want to go into TPP, Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

“We have to get smart, folks.”

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