Gary Johnson, the so-called Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee, dealt his campaign a death blow after flubbing a question regarding the civil war in Syria during an interview on MSNBC.

When asked what he would do about Aleppo, a major city in Syria hotly contested by the Syrian government and ISIS militants, Johnson answered, “And what is Aleppo?”

“You’re kidding,” MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Mike Barnicle responded.

“No,” Johnson said.

“Aleppo is in Syria. It’s the epicenter of the refugee crisis—” Barnicle continued.

“OK, got it, got it,” Johnson concluded.


Mark Halprin, another MSNBC guest, followed Johnson into the hallway after the interview concluded and peppered him with additional questions. The exchange between Halprin and Johnson was played on an iPhone by MSNBC.

“I’m incredibly frustrated with myself,” Johnson said during the exchange.

“But how do you feel about it, should it be a big flap?” Halperin asked.

“Sure, it should. Absolutely,” Johnson said.

The Washington Post described the flub in harsh terms, claiming “the English language lacks a good way to describe something that was already in very bad shape and then, somehow, becomes far worse rather dramatically… like if the Titanic had begun sinking but then blew up.”

The clear lack of knowledge on foreign policy demonstrated by Johnson on live television may be enough to derail his anti-Second Amendment, pro-Amnesty, and pro-TPP phony Libertarian campaign that is being promoted by the mainstream media in an effort to siphon enough votes from Donald Trump to hand the election to Hillary Clinton.

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