Planet Infowars
August 23, 2013

Well here’s something else the mainstream media whores can ignore. Earlier this week a gas attack in Syria took the lives of more than 1000 people. Immediately, France and other NATO countries blamed the government in Syria, but there is one small problem. The initial reports of the gas attack actually took place BEFORE the attack. You media whores are slipping. You should at least wait for the attack to take place before blaming it on the government of Syria.

Here’s another question. What would the Syrian government have to gain by killing their own people in a gas attack? Not only would such an attack turn world opinion against them, but it would turn their own people against them. On top of that there is no military advantage in doing that whatsoever.

Let’s hope this doesn’t give the insaniacs the excuse they’re looking for to start another war. I have heard it said, World War 3 is a really bad idea.

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