Michael S. Rozeff
May 16, 2011

Sign at Ashland, Oregon station. (Thanks to Katcha Sanderson for the photo.)

Two Roosevelt dimes contain 0.14468 oz of silver. If gas costs $4 in FRNs, then the implicit price of silver that makes $4 equivalent to 0.14468 oz of silver is $27.65 per ounce. So, this price seems roughly in the ballpark. But, if we take $35, which is nearer today’s silver’s price, then the implied price of gasoline is $5.06, which is steep. At any price less than $5.06, I’d hold on to the dimes and use FRNs. One has to be careful about these things. One also needs a conversion table. This could be sold as an application on a handheld device. I’m giving away a profitable idea here. The device could read in the spot price of silver from a web site. The user punches in the FRN price. Then the equivalent amount of silver coin is the output.

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