Press TV
April 15, 2010

The US Secretary of Defense has blasted the release of a video footage by the Internet group WikiLeaks showing the killing of Iraqi civilians by a US helicopter fire.

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Robert Gates said on Tuesday that the WikiLeak video footage is out of context and depicts an incomplete picture of the battlefield.

“You have no context or perspective,” he said, The Los Angeles Times reported.

He accused the website of seeing the war “through a soda straw.”

“These people can put out anything they want, and they’re never held accountable for it. There’s no before and there’s no after,” Gates said.

The WikiLeaks video shows the killing of two journalists and over a dozen civilians in a strike conducted by a US military Apache helicopter in Baghdad in 2007.

An editor of the WikiLeaks earlier told Press TV that US military officers gave him the footage on the killing of Iraqi civilians.

“We have a lot of supporters, including within the US military… They know that we’re after the bad guys and we don’t want to expose the good intelligence operations that are happening,” Julian Assange told Press TV.

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