Remember how the leftists said all of the Christian worrying over the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage was bunk? Christians pointed to other countries where the church had lost its religious liberties. The left said they were crazy. Well, leftists are already foaming at the mouth calling for just that. Hold onto your butts…

Well—it just so happens the New York Times published an article literally titled…

“Now’s the Time To End Tax Exemptions for Religious Institutions”

The argument in a nutshell: churches should now be considered “political” entities, therefore the government should be allowed to take away their tax exempt status. Of course the entire goal here is to effectively terminate the church.

Boom. Would an ‘I told you so’ here be too cliché? In record time too!

All you really had to do was look at Canadian and English churches and observe the course of history to see this was coming down the pipeline. Or, how about in Denmark? Churches have no choice there. None whatsoever. A gay couple, not being members of your church, can demand that your church (any church) marry them. Period. Good lord, even I had to go through a screening process before the church signed off on me. I’m still shocked that they did.

But you don’t even have to go out of this country to see the persecution began long before the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage legal. In 2014, pastors in an Idaho community were forced to marry gay couples—or face fines and jail time.

Regardless of where you line up, this was plain to see and predict. The Gay community attacked Christians (while simultaneously ignoring Muslims) relentlessly before they had the constitutional right to be married. What do you think they’re going to to with the power of the courts at their disposal?

How about enjoying the win and just, I don’t know, tolerating the church? Their church has literally zero effect on your marriage. So why do you care?

Sound familiar?

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