Owen Shroyer wasn’t the only Infowarrior assaulted during Saturday’s worldwide “Women’s March”, according to a report from The Gateway Pundit. Jacob Engels, an Infowars contributor, was joined by the Chairman of the Proud Boys as they marched on the Central Florida Women’s March Saturday afternoon.

Infowars posters were spotted all over Downtown Orlando late Friday night and early Saturday morning, even gracing the front door of the local alt-left publication Orlando Weekly. Donning iconic Clinton Rape, Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong, Clintons War On Women and other classic Infowars apparel, the group of patriots stood their ground as they faced down hundreds of deranged leftists who did not tolerate or respect their free speech rights.

Enrique Tarrio, the newly-minted Chairman of the Proud Boys, even donned a penis costume in an ultimate showing of alpha male toxic masculinity. Both Engels and Tarrio channeled their inner Alex Jones by bullhorning the march attendees with hard-truths about the mainstream media and virulent anti-Semitism of the Women’s March.

For their efforts, a deranged co-organizer and co-vendor threatened a mass-shooting event and screamed for the counter protesters to “F*** HER IN THE A**.” The same woman launched into a homophobic tirade against Infowars contributor Jacob Engels, before also threatening to “shoot him in the head.”

She has since identified herself as Marah Lieberman, a failed actress whose only role was as a dead corpse presumably being sexually assaulted in a student film at the University of Miami titled “Nercrophile.” Lieberman reaffirmed her threats on Twitter, talking about how she is crazy enough to shoot Engels. She follows CNN, the New York Times, Buzzfeed and other leftwing news outlets on Twitter, where she has possibly been radicalized by their non-stop anti-Trump hysteria.

She works as a children’s entertainment performer at Silly Sally’s of Miami and has a long history within the alt-left, from rioting at the 2004 RNC in New York to terrorizing the streets of South Florida in the Trump era.

Her arrest record includes a 3rd degree felony charge for cocaine possession. It’s unclear why Silly Sally’s has allowed Lieberman to work around children with such a disturbing background.

Engels was subsequently assaulted by two alt-left participants who are linked to radical social justice economic group Jobs with Justice, resulting in a cut on Engels’ hand. Police later found hypodermic needles on one of the assailants and it is unknown if he used the needle to stab Engels’ hand in order to steal his phone.

A veteran who was part of the group was sexually assaulted by the same man earlier in the day, who forcibly kissed a longtime Infowars listener. Police ignored the veterans calls to have the man charged with sexual assault. That video will be unveiled exclusively on the Infowars broadcast Monday afternoon.

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