Zen Gardner
June 5, 2012

Here they go again. It’s amazing what they think they can get away with.

The frequency of this inane toying with the mass psyche regarding chemtrails, in particular, does seem to be picking up. This gradual introduction of this geoengineering debacle from Bill Gates’ admissions to these periodic smatterings of scientific “ideas” is like watching a movie backwards.

Now apply that principle  to everything else the Controllers ever “forecast” or propose as a possible solution to mankind’s problems. Besides global warming, we’re apparently also overpopulated. Think there might be programs now in place taking care of that already as well, while they discuss what should be done about it? Or have something in mind for the food shortages they warn of that they themselves have engineered (think genetically altering GMOs)? Or might they have controls, surveillance or militant, fascist solutions in place for the coming manipulated riots against corrupt government, monetary subterfuge and loss of land and liberty?

You bet your booties there are.

Think sci-fi and futuristic books and movies as well. Then hit rewind to today. In some way they’re already doing it.

We’re there in many ways, and approaching a fulfillment of their predictive programmed false reality rapidly. The framework is being built around us like a packing crate while they tell us they might need to do something in the future.

Here’s a recent example of what I’m talking about…

An Even WHITER Shade of Pale?

Geoengineering for Global Warming: Increasing Aerosols in Atmosphere Would Make Sky Whiter

(ScienceDaily) One idea for fighting global warming is to increase the amount of aerosols in the atmosphere, scattering incoming solar energy away from Earth’s surface. But scientists theorize that this solar geoengineering could have a side effect of whitening the sky during the day. New research from Carnegie’s Ben Kravitz and Ken Caldeira indicates that blocking 2% of the sun’s light would make the sky three-to-five times brighter, as well as whiter.

Oh really, boys? You’re a scientist and never look up? No. You’re lying stooges treating us like imbeciles.

Notice they say the idea is “to increase the amount of aerosols” in the atmosphere. A little playing with the mind there using an assumptive inference like the chemtrail aerosols are already there and just need to be increased?

The insanity continues:

Their work is published June 1st in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union.

Carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of coal, oil, and gas have been increasing over the past decades, causing Earth to get hotter and hotter. Large volcanic eruptions cool the planet by creating lots of small particles in the stratosphere, but the particles fall out within a couple of years, and the planet heats back up. The idea behind solar geoengineering is to constantly replenish a layer of small particles in the stratosphere, mimicking this volcanic aftermath and scattering sunlight back to space.

The idea is to constantly replenish the crap in the air and thus mimick a volcanic aftermath? Are you crazy? It’s been proven earth’s environment gets thoroughly disrupted when that happens, including human and animal health issues, crop failures, and extreme climate changes. This is complete idiocy!

Using advanced models, Kravitz and Caldeira — along with Douglas MacMartin from the California Institute of Technology — examined changes to sky color and brightness from using sulfate-based aerosols in this way. They found that, depending on the size of the particles, the sky would whiten during the day and sunsets would have afterglows.

Right. “The sky would whiten.” Like now, you bastards?

Their models predict that the sky would still be blue, but it would be a lighter shade than what most people are used to looking at now. The research team’s work shows that skies everywhere could look like those over urban areas in a world with this type of geoengineering taking place. In urban areas, the sky often looks hazy and white. Source

So let’s have hazy polluted skies everywhere to keep us safe from global warming? Bullshit.

Chemtrails CAUSE Global Warming!

As usual, they flip everything backwards just to keep us in the state of cognitive dissonance. (see HERE)

This is well summarized here:

One point government officials fail to mention is that using weather modification is the cause of the changes we see in the planet’s natural bio-spherical patterns. Chemtrails, and the toxins they release into the atmosphere, have an effect of warming temperatures.

The aluminum in the chemtrails, which is claimed to reflect the sun’s heat out into space, also traps the heat from the Earth’s surface causing a stagnant layer of extremely hot air.

What scientists call the “greenhouse effect” is actually a direct causation of this geo-engineering process.

The climate change alarmists and their gang of quack scientists depend solely on computer models to explain their assertions.

When the researchers claimed that pollution was trapping heat within the clouds, did it occur to them that geo-engineering is dumping massive amounts of aluminum and other toxins into the clouds; toxins that would obviously be considered pollution?

Quite ironic, seeing that their own geo-engineering is causing the effects they claim are caused by man-made global warming. (Emphasis mine) Source

Read full article here

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