Ted Burnham
January 25, 2012

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Obviously, Infowars is not as enthusiastic about a small node of highly-politicized, Council on Foreign Relations backed “scientists” meddling with the atmosphere to address this phony global crisis for greater power under the classic problem-reaction-solution model. Nevertheless, the article is posted to expand the debate and demonstrate a growing trend towards outwardly pushing this criminally-insane proposal as a global “solution.”

For a few years now, a handful of scientists have been proposing grandiose technological fixes for the world’s climate to combat the effects of global warming — schemes called geoengineering.

Climate change has the potential to wreak all kinds of havoc on the planet, including the food system. Scientists predict that two variables farmers depend on heavily — temperature and precipitation — are already changing and affecting food production in some arid parts of the world where there isn’t a lot of room for error. And if the problem worsens on a larger scale, it could do a lot of damage to agricultural yields and food security.

At some point, governments may decide “to do something desperate to protect our food and our people,” Ken Caldeira, an environmental scientist at Stanford University, tells The Salt. And that “something desperate” could be geoengineering.

One proposal scientists are batting around is to fill the upper atmosphere with tiny particles that could scatter sunlight before it reaches, and warms, the Earth’s surface. Sulfate droplets inside volcanic ash clouds already do this naturally. So the idea is that a few million tons of sulfates, sprayed into the stratosphere by airplanes, could produce the same effect artificially.

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