Kurt Nimmo
October 26, 2010

Gazillionaire hedge fund swami and globalist George Soros wants to legalize weed. He has bankrolled three initiatives to change drug laws in California and has endorsed the marijuana legalization initiative known as Proposition 19. Michael Vachon, a Soros worker bee, said the one-worlder “plans to make a significant contribution” to Prop 19 and possibly help make it so, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Anybody with two remotely active brain cells to rub together knows that marijuana prohibition is absurd. George Soros, however, is not a Libertarian or an old hippie nostalgic for the Haight Ashbury days.

For Soros, marijuana legalization is about taxation, pure and simple. “Besides allowing adults 21 and older to grow and possess marijuana, the initiative would allow cities and counties to authorize commercial cultivation, sales and taxation,” reports the Times.

Marijuana is the largest cash crop in the United States coming in at an estimate of $35.8 billion a year. In California alone, the value of its 8.6 million-pound harvest is worth about $14 billion, according to newly released state reports. “Pot brings in more than grapes in California, more than tobacco in the Carolinas, and more than cotton in Alabama. Nationally, it earns more than wheat and corn combined,” write Cynthia Balderas and Helen Tobin for the Associated Press.

Legalizing marijuana would not threaten the illegal and murderous drug operation of the banksters and their cartel partners over the border in Mexico.

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Earlier this month, the RAND Corporation issued a report saying that Prop 19 “that would permit possession, production and taxation of small amounts of marijuana for personal use would do little to curtail the profits of violent drug-trafficking cartels in Mexico,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

Prop 19 is not about Mexico or the drug cartels. It is about people telling the government to get out of their lives. The feds, however, have to intention of relinquishing their arrogantly assumed power of dictating at gunpoint what the residents of California or any other state consume.

In August, former DEA officials wrote Attorney General Eric Holder and said “potential legalization of marijuana would challenge federal authority and merit a lawsuit against the state — much like the one Mr. Obama has filed in protest of Arizona’s controversial immigration law, which the administration say contradicts national policy,” according to CBS News.

National policy is to keep marijuana illegal, criminalize hundreds of thousands if not millions of users, and perpetuate the prison-industrial complex.

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For George Soros, it is about taxation. For now taxes will be collected by cities, counties, and states, but eventually they will be collected by a world government. Soros pushed hard for the world government scheme under the ruse of climate change during the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen last year.

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