Democrat mega-donor George Soros’s Open Society Foundations has pledged to donate $130 million to fight the Chinese coronavirus pandemic and “[push] back against government encroachment on political freedoms,” the non-profit organization announced Thursday.

Open Society Foundations said the funds will be used for a wide range of causes, including support for low-income workers in the United States, countering “disinformation” in Europe, and emergency health care services in parts of Africa.

“The scale of this pandemic has laid bare the fault lines and injustices of our world,” George Soros, chairman of the Open Society Foundations, said in a statement.

“We missed the opportunity to create a more just economy after the financial crisis of 2008 and provide a social safety net for the workers who are the heart of our societies. Today, we must change direction and ask ourselves: What kind of world will emerge from this catastrophe, and what can we do to make it a better one?”

Taken from several recent interviews where Bill Gates laughs, snickers and giggles when he mentions vaccines, testing and mass pandemics

“This is the first step of our ongoing response to address the economic and political dislocation wrought by this disease,” added Patrick Gaspard, president of the Open Society Foundations.  “Our emergency relief efforts will support our grantees to immediately reach those who cannot access aid through government systems. But just as critically, we aim to ensure that the centers of power never again allow those who are the backbone of our economies to suffer in the shadows.”

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