More than two months have passed since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, but New York Magazine just published a piece on George W. Bush’s reaction to the event, claiming it to be concurred upon by three unnamed sources who were present.

“That was some weird sh*t,” the former president is reported to have said.

In an era of endless false reports and fake news being pushed by the mainstream media to smear and degrade President Trump and his reputation, stories like this should be taken with a grain of salt, but it does not sound like a far-fetched reaction to Trump’s declaration of war on the New World Order and the Bush legacy, which are so tightly intertwined.

Bush looked dazed and a bit weird himself on January 20, and his ‘lovable’ buffoonery had leftists wistfully longing for the days when he occupied the Oval Office as the reality of President Trump set in.

The Bush family will likely never get over the fact that Trump almost single-handedly decapitated Jeb! Bush’s seemingly predestined ascendancy to the 2016 GOP nomination after just three primaries and $150 million dollars burned.

The senior Bush, Mr. New World Order himself, was caught on camera appearing to give Trump the unmistakable throat-slitting gesture at a GOP debate in Houston.

Donald Trump rocked the anti-American global elite with his powerful inauguration speech, as figureheads past and present sat within mere feet of his podium, looking concerned and anxious – while Americans and patriots across the world cheered and rejoiced.

Jeb! had to beg for his applause.

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