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April 23, 2014


Tuesday night Georgetown City Council members will consider a new ordinance to reduce the amount of grass that can be installed for yards in new home construction.

Credit: heatheronhertravels / Flickr
Credit: heatheronhertravels / Flickr

So it’s putting a box on the irrigated turf area, there can still be other landscaped areas in a yard, there’s been a misconception that its limiting a yard size and that’s not the case. What we’re talking about is the irrigated turf area of a yard,” said Hutchinson.

The goal is to encourage a practice called Xeriscape. The new law involves incorporating more rock and drought resistant native plants. A date to start enforcing the new Lawn Law will not be set until the item comes up for discussion Tuesday night. For some the idea seems a little extreme, despite its justification.

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