Kurt Nimmo
August 16, 2008

  Georgia is an impoverished fiefdom, a laboratory experiment for the international bankers and their pernicious NGOs. Georgia, as a member of the so-called Commonwealth of Independent States carved off the corpse of the old bankrupt Soviet Union, is little more than a pathetic beggar for charity hand-outs.

On Saturday, the malfunctioning neocon wind-up doll, George Bush, went on the radio to address the nation. The Indo-Asian News Service reports:

In his weekly radio address, Bush said it was vital that the US and other free nations “ensure that an embattled democracy seeking to stand with us remains sovereign, secure, and undivided”.

He also said that in the days ahead, the US would continue its humanitarian assistance with the use of military planes and naval vessels.

Bush said the world had witnessed with “alarm as Russia invaded a sovereign neighboring state and threatened a democratic government elected by its people. This act is completely unacceptable to the free nations of the world”.

Georgia’s rise as a young democracy had become “part of an inspiring and hopeful new chapter in Europe’s history”, Bush said.

In Bushzarro world, black is white and up is down. Georgia is an impoverished fiefdom, a laboratory experiment for the international bankers and their pernicious NGOs. Georgia, as a member of the so-called Commonwealth of Independent States carved off the corpse of the old bankrupt Soviet Union, is little more than a pathetic beggar for charity hand-outs.

“Since independence a decade ago — aided and abetted by the same founts of Washington wisdom — the seven unfortunates [Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan] have regressed to a malignant combination of unbridled autocracy and perpetual illiquidity. Poverty soared to African proportions, the region’s economies shriveled and public and external debts mounted dizzyingly,” writes Dr. Sam Vaknin.

The destitute, oppressed and diseased people of the region should achieve “ownership of the reform agenda” in accordance with “clear national priorities”. Worry not, reassures the anonymous hack: the World Bank has embarked on Poverty Reduction Strategy processes in all seven fiefs.

The cynical cover-up of the west’s abysmal failure in the region comes replete with unflinchingly triumphant balderdash: the policies of the Bretton-Woods institutions are “putting the countries themselves in the driver’s seat of reforms”. According to Mr. Zhang, corruption in the CIS-7 is “moderating” and the investment climate is “beginning to improve”.

The solution? “More regional integration” — in other words, more trading among the indigent and the demonetized. This and better access to markets in “the rest of the world” will assure “recovery and future prosperity”.

In short, the people of Georgia and the larger CIS are to “own” the African proportion poverty inflicted upon them. Prosperity is right around the corner, never mind “the political repression, the personality cults, the blatant looting of the state by pernicious networks of cronies, the rampant nepotism, the elimination of the free media and the proliferation of every conceivable abuse of human and civil rights, up to — and including — the assassination of opponents and dissidents. To raise these delicate issues would have been impolitic when the IMF’s largest shareholder — the United States — has embraced these despots as newfound allies.” Democrats, too, according to the imbecile behind the microphone.

So democratic is Mikhail Saakashvili, back in 2006 he cracked down on the political opposition, in particular the Anti-Soros and Fairness organization. His patrons in the U.S. were more than obliging, providing high-tech sonic blasters to be used against the opposition.

Democracy in Georgia and the rest of the CIS-7 is but a few notches up from the “messy” democracy (as Rumsfeld deemed it) in Iraq:

According to the World Bank’s own numbers, with the exception of Uzbekistan, the current gross domestic product of the reluctant members of the CIS-7 is between 29 percent (Georgia) and 80 percent (Armenia) of its level ten years ago.

Armenia’s annual GDP per capita is a miserly $670. More than half the population is below the poverty line. These dismal results are despite seven years of strong growth pegged at 6 percent annually and remittances from abroad which equal a staggering one eighth of GDP. Armenia is the second most prosperous of the lot. Its inflation is down to two digits. Its currency is stable. Its trade is completely liberalized (a-propos Zhang’s nostrums).

Azerbaijan, its foe and neighbor, should be so lucky. Close to nine tenth of its population live as paupers. This despite a tripling of oil prices, its mainstay commodity. The World Bank notes wistfully that its agriculture is picking up. Its oil fund, insist the sponsoring institutions, incredibly, is “governed by transparent and prudent management rules”.

Georgia flies in the face of the Washington Consensus. Petrified by a meltdown of its economy in the early 1990s, a surging inflation and $1 billion in external debt — it adhered religiously to the IMF’s prescriptions and proscriptions. To no avail. Annual GDP growth collapsed from 10 percent in 1996-7 to less than 3 percent thereafter. [Note: as of 2007, by the IMF’s own account, the GDP per capita income in Georgia stood at $3,000.]

The Kyrgyz Republic is a special case even by the dismal standards of the region. Again, nine tenths of its population live on less than $130 (one half on less than $70) monthly. Poverty actually increased in the last few years when economic growth picked up. At $310, the country’s GDP per capita is sub-Saharan. Is this appalling performance the outcome of brazen disregard for the IMF’s sagacious counsel?

Nope. It is precisely what the IMF and the bankers have in mind. Georgia — with its servility to the international bankers — is the template. It has forests, hydropower, nonferrous metals, manganese, iron ore, copper, citrus fruits, tea, wine, etc., all in need of privatization.

“The World Bank recognized Georgia as the world’s fastest-reforming economy in its 2008 ‘Doing Business’ report, ranking it as the world’s 18th easiest place to do business,” declares Travel Document Systems, Inc. “The World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EU, OSCE, and the UN are all active in Georgia. Their goals are complementary, and include assisting in conflict resolution in Abkhazia and South Ossetia,” the latter a smashing success, obviously.

Bush’s comments about Georgia’s wonderful democracy arrive after NWO capo boss Mikheil Saakashvili made likewise comments earlier in the week. “Russia is attacking Georgia to achieve ‘regime change’ and crush Georgia’s pro-Western democracy, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said Monday,” reported the Pentagon and Wall Street News Service, otherwise known as CNN.

In an op-ed piece in Monday’s Wall Street Journal, Saakashvili argued that the conflict is about “the future of freedom in Europe.”

If Russia succeeds, Saakashvili said, it would mark the end of Western influence on any of the former Soviet republics.

“It is clear that Russia’s current leadership is bent on restoring a neocolonial form of control over the entire space once governed by Moscow,” he wrote.

Considering the above statistics on poverty and “a malignant combination of unbridled autocracy and perpetual illiquidity,” it would seem “Western influence” is not all it is cracked up to be. Of course, it is for Saakashvili, his cronies, and Bush, but not for the people of Georgia, who are ultimately destined to be written off as an economic basket case, the same as sub-Saharan Africa and much of the third world.

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