Zimu Yang
October 16, 2009

The Georgia Tech Police Department (GTPD) will add an eight man SWAT team to its force in the coming months. The team’s formation is the culmination of over three years of work by the administration to increase emergency preparedness and safety on campus.

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In order to fund the development of the force, GTPD received an expanded budget from the Institute and additional grants from other sources. The funding provided for the development of the SWAT team and also for the procurement of more vehicles and equipment for use by GTPD.

Despite the additional resources provided for the creation of the force, there are still some constraints placed on the team, such as limited manpower. Members of the team currently perform regular patrol duties in addition to maintaining SWAT responsibilities.

“At this time we’re allowing SWAT guys to do double duty… as we expand our personnel, we’re hoping to eventually to become a full time SWAT team. But we want to have a bit more people on patrol first, we don’t want to take away from our primary duties as patrollers,” said Lieutenant Marcus Walton, leader of the SWAT team.

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