Aaron Dykes
December 11, 2010

In another amazing Fox News moment, Geraldo Rivera explains why an alleged foiled plot in Maryland fits the M.O. and pattern of the FBI to “seduce” radicals, set them up with a bomb and push them to take action. Geraldo called the case against 21 year old Antonio Martinez a.k.a. Muhammad Hussain “bogus, absolutely bogus.”

Geraldo boldly goes on to explain that the F.B.I. “sent in undercover people posing as radicals and they seduced this kid… the same way they seduced the kid in Newburgh, New York, the same way they seduced people at the Sears Tower.”

Bill O’Reilly told Geraldo that his explanation was “annoying him,” going on to voice support for FBI anti-terror “stings” where radical Muslim patsies are set-up. O’Reilly, satisfied with re-enforcing the official account of the next provocation in the phony War on Terror, returned to a jovial mood and told Geraldo that he and Judge Napolitano, two Fox anchors who recently voiced doubt about WTC7, should “go camping together.” Is Geraldo coming around, or is the fraudulent War on Terror just becoming that transparent?

The 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center was exposed to be just this type of set-up. In 1993, the F.B.I. became, at best, dangerous enablers as they undertook a “sting” operation to allegedly prove the culpability of the suspects. Even Wikipedia admits that harmless powder was swapped with real bomb material. F.B.I. informant Emad Salem became alarmed at the introduction of real explosives and recorded his conversations with the F.B.I. proving they enabled and allowed the bombing to go forward that killed 4 people.

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Jeanne Meserve, the CNN anchor seen at the beginning of the clip, hypes the terror fear, stating that “This is just another in a long string of domestic terror cases.” Her statement is true, however, inadvertently pointing to the true track record of domestic terror– and the role of the F.B.I. and other intelligence agencies in setting up Muslim dupes to become patsies in the War on Terror. CNN themselves admit that the F.B.I. gave this individual the bomb; again, alleged ties to Anwar Al-Awlaki are mentioned.

CIA lackey Awlaki, the famed-al Qaeda “mastermind”, who, it emerged, dined with top Pentagon brass shortly after 9/11, was allegedly also behind the ink toner cartridge bombing attempt, the Christmas Day underwear bomber, the Foot Hood shooter and [1] other failed [2] plots. These failed [3] plots and [4] many, [5]many others all demonstrate close ties to intelligence assets, often provoking, funding or aiding their suspects while doing nothing to stop any attempts that could take human life.

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All indications show that Mr. Rivera is correct in seeing this as a “bogus” continuation in the pattern of set-up, phony terror incidents to contrive support for anti-terror policies.

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