August 22, 2012

Two elderly men the feds insist are dangerous terrorists have been sentenced to what may amount to death sentences.

photoElderly patsies set-up by FBI sex pervert informant.

“Two Georgia men were sentenced Wednesday to five years each in prison for trying to get an unregistered explosive and an illegal gun silencer in what prosecutors describe as a plot to attack government targets,” the AP reports today.

73-year-old Frederick Thomas and 68-year-old Dan Roberts were sentenced to the maximum allowed under the plea agreement they had reached with the government.

In what is now a standard pattern in domestic terror cases, the men were cajoled by a FBI informant who hyped a plot to kill government workers in an apparent effort to win leniency in the six sex crime charges against him. Informant Joe Sims had allegedly molested his step daughters.

Sims used high pressure tactics to push the plot. The elderly Thomas was “in the grip of a confidential informant who, over an eight-month period, kept calling him and coming to his home,” Tom Junod writes for Esquire.

The plot was the typical sort of pre-crime the government deals in as it tries to frighten us into believing we are at the mercy of terrorists, even geriatric terrorists:

The old man who had committed no crime fell under the sway of a much younger man who was already charged with the kind of crimes synonymous with a betrayal of trust, indeed with evil itself. Through the government policy of preempting terror, of making terror happen in order to stop it from happening, the alleged author of a crime from which people instinctively recoil — incest — gained moral advantage over the alleged author of a crime that did not yet exist. What’s more, the younger man was given every possible resource to work toward the fruition of the hypothetical crimes of the older man in order to keep his own ass out of jail.

Despite the seediness of the informant – more accurately, a provocateur – and the reluctance of one of the supposed terrorists (according to his wife of fifty-one years) to engage the plot, US Attorney Sally Quillian Yates made the following statement:

While many are focused on the threat posed by international violent extremists, this case demonstrates that we must also remain vigilant in protecting our country from citizens within our own borders who threaten our safety and security.

Obviously, more vigilance is required in respect to the FBI as it immorally unleashes sex perverts and other assorted psychopaths and criminals to entrap old men who are quite righteously angry at an out of control federal government.

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