Speaking German in German prisons is now a rarity due to the increase of prisoners coming in from foreign nations. 

The drop in spoken German is linked to the migrant crisis that’s now transforming Germany’s prison demographics, according to a prison committee chairman.

“The trend has intensified [since] the year 2015,” said the chairman. “[it] is obvious that the wave of immigration has to do with it.”

Two of Germany’s largest cities, Hamburg and Berlin, have seen a sharp uptick of foreign prisoners, 58% and 47% respectively.

Language and foreign culture courses have been put into effect as prison unions have repeatedly complained that inmates do not understand instructions.

“In my view, nobody was prepared for such a development,” adds the chairman.

Germany has the highest percentage of immigrants of all the 27 EU members and projections show that Germans will be a minority in their own country by 2060.

Germany’s government spends their taxpayer’s money on foreign nationals outside of prison as well, including paying excessive monthly rents for migrants and giving benefits to Osama Bin Laden’s former bodyguard.

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